COUNTRY MUSIC OF YESTERDAY  will always have a special place in my heart.


 When I was a teenager is when my love for Country Music first surfaced.  And is also when I got to meet and even sang a tune with one of Country  Music’s forever legends, “CONWAY TWITTY”.  Conway gave me some great fatherly advice, it was the same thing he said he told his daughter Kathy  “education first, then music”.   As I got older I went on to perform in a Top 40 band called the  “RUSTY EVANS” Band in South Florida.

Then later in my life while still in Florida, I went on to work in 6 major films one of them was called,  “ACE VENTURA-PET DETECTIVE”.  It was great and a lot of fun working in a film with   “JIM CARREY” . At that time I worked under my former last name “Carollo”.    While still waiting on my time to come in music, I just kept myself busy finding plenty of places to sing and write songs.   Then in 2005 I finally got to go to Nashville and fulfill one of my dreams and that was to record my first album  “WOMAN ON A MISSION” with a great record producer  Mark Dreyer of Studio 23.   I also made 2 music video’s  from that album, one is called “IT’S HER FIGHT”, a song I wrote in memory of my dear younger sister “Loretta” who lost her battle with breast cancer in 1999. And the other one is called “YOUR THE LIGHT IN MY EYES” this is a song I wrote in honor of my sweet daughter Gina and people like her. I also gave the use of this song to St Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, so they can add this song to their  fundraiser song list.

At the GRAND OLE OPRY (backstage)  I befriended another Country Legend “JIM ED BROWN” and for a few years we kept in touch.  Then in 2006 came my 2nd Album “AVERAGE GIRLS”.  With the recording of this Album I had the honor of recording 2 never recorded songs written by a another true Nashville Legend Songwriter/Performer, “HANK COCHRAN” himself,  he wrote for the Legendary Country Star, “PATSY CLINE ” herself, he also wrote for everyone in Nashville .  And I’m proud to say that  this Album went #1 on the Nashville IndieWorld Country Music Chart in 2007 with Comstock Records .  And I’m also happy to say that songs from both Albums are still getting Radio played worldwide including the U.S.A.   Then in 2010 I joined up with a great back up band called “JAGWIRE COUNTRY”.  My steel player and personal manager Danny Hullihen has stuck with me through the many up’s and down’s with me trying to get my own shows together and off the ground.  Finally on October 26, 2012, I was able to do a kick off show that would benefit Hydrocephalus Awareness.  Performing on the show with me was Conway Twitty’s oldest son “Michael Twitty”, we even performed “DON’T CRY JONI”  together.  Now I’m looking forward to my future shows that will allow me to bring  more public awareness to Hydrocephalus (water on the brain) which my daughter Gina has.  From these shows I can also give a personal donation to the  “HYDROCEPHALUS ASSOCIATION”.

My shows will also bring you back in time with my own Tribute to the Legends of Country Music. Plus some of my own original songs. These Shows/Songs I bring to you from MY HEART TO YOURS. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR LOVING SUPPORT! ANGIE MARIE


 The first time I heard that word “HYDROCEPHALUS” (water on the brain) really scared me. At birth my daughter Gina only had a 20% chance to survive (due to the massive cerebral bleed and swelling in her brain). She was born a 3pd and 12oz preemie then she went down to 2pd and 4oz. like I mentioned, at first the doctors didn’t give much hope for her to survive, but they didn’t know my Gina!  Besides the hydrocephalus she also endured cardiac problems, severe apnea, liver problems.  So as she was being discharged a couple months later after her birth, the Doctors told me not to expect her to live beyond 14 years old.

BUT she is still here!  She has a strong will to live!   She also has  to deal with her Cerebral Palsy (mild).    UPDATE: The past 2 year’s Gina has been developing  shunt infection’s  which resulted in her having to endure yet another 4 brain operations and she also had to deal with incision infections as well, they had her on 4-5 weeks of antibiotics and wound care which she has now recovered from. But, as usual my daughter has a great disposition about her.  Now Gina has outlived the first team of doctors predictions by over 14 years with approx. 21 brain operations so far.  So, I made it my mission as a Mom and Recording Artist to bring people  together through music, so I can bring more public AWARENESS to this LIFE THREATENING  condition that any one of us can develop through diseases, accidents, birth trauma, the aging process (which is Normal pressure Adult Hydrocephalus), and also about 40% of the Military Combats  injuries  are also developing this condition.   PLEASE HELP ME IN MY MISSION!

‘m looking for sponsors or venues that love to put on a show like this in their state. Our band will travel and the venue would be responsible for paying the travel an performances for me and my band. I have the EIN number for Gina’s Hope Inc. and the Hydrocephalus Association for their tax credit since it’s considered a sponsoring and donation to the cause. I’m trying to get on TV Talk Shows to further my exposure for this cause like I’m trying to do with the PBS Show that we’re going to do Thank You Again!



E-mail:  (“GINA’S HOPE”)



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