Eric Ryan

Eric Ryan

Eric Ryan was born in Orlando, Florida March 16th 1981. He first started playing guitar seriously at Twelve years of age.

“I learned to play on my Father’s old Yamaha acoustic. I love playing guitar, don’t get me wrong; I just find myself focusing more on songwriting and performing.

” Eric’s Mother, a Pianist and amateur songwriter herself fueled Eric’s passion for telling stories with music.

Currently based in West Palm Beach (making frequent trips to Nashville), Eric Ryan encompasses his own hybrid of Country Music.

“I suppose the way I found my sound is no different then most: My voice, plus every artist I ever loved, and many years of writing/playing… woolah.” Ryan, a former Top 20 National Finalist on the hit TV series ‘Nashville Star'(USA Network) (Season 1) in 2003 has just one goal: to connect with his audience.

Ryan: “My job as a songwriter is to tell stories, but you have to tell those stories right, you have to deliver them properly.


We as entertainers owe our fans that. I have to find a way perform a song that will reach that person(s) out there that needs those words the most. It’s never enough to just sing a song.”

“Eric Ryan is an established and dedicated country music singer/songwriter based in the U.S. His music offers audiences a captivating array of heartfelt stories from various viewpoints, always beautifully written and performed.” –

Eric Ryan has done opening performances for such amazing artists as: Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Chad Brock, Rhett Akins, Montgomery Gentry, Charlie Daniels and coming soon in October 27th Joe Diffie #Live at Double Dee’s Ranch in West Palm Beach, Fl.


Instagram: @ericryansound

Twitter: @ericryansound

Facebook: @ericryansound

Youtube: @ericryansound

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