Ash G’s Passion for music

Ash G’s Passion for music

Music…we all love music, some have a real passion for music, with all artists and genres, and some just listen to one particular artist.

I would love to hear what your favourite music is! Please use the comments box below the article to leave comments and tell me what your favourite music is.

Growing up I listened to mainly new wave and pop – and also a lot of South African bands, my weakness! Country music was not my scene at all then, I guess being a youngster, you thought that Country music was old fashioned, but today it’s extremely popular, my favourite of all time! My first ever concert was something I will never forget – my favourite band was playing, and they were friends of my cousin’s who was also performing that day – a day I will never forget in my life.

My passion for music is unreal, I do have my absolute favourites that are on repeat, and never tire of it! Country, a bit of Rock is what is on my playlist these days.

There is a massive 3 day event every year at the 02 arena in London, called Country 2 Country, this event is attended by thousands of people, I’ve only managed to go to 2 of these, as tickets can be expensive. Just wish that we had what you guys have over in the USA, where you can go just about anywhere to see a famous artist!

I’m honoured to have ‘met’ well known artists on Twitter, and we’ve become firm friends, their music is outstanding, and they will soon be on the way to becoming extremely famous, with the support of their fans (including me) and the radio stations that play their music in the USA and here in the UK.

They will always have my support, through thick and thin. Also Randy Lockhart, owner of and who features many of my favourite Artists in the magazines and promotes them all for free.

Check back for more from me!

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