Ash Gilligan

Ash Gilligan

Cannot believe how much time is flying – we are in December already, and Christmas is just around the corner! It’s getting colder and colder here in the UK, no sign of snow just yet.

I’ve met some really fantastic people since Codie asked me to start up his UK fan club, and whom I consider very good friends – some are artists, some are DJ’s of radio stations, and some are my followers (love them all!) You know who you all are! Friendship is extremely important to me.

2 very good friends I’d like to mention is Codie (of course!) and Randy Lockhart, the owner of Indie Artists Magazine as well several other magazines including this one. I talk to Codie sometimes twice a week, getting liners for radio stations here in the UK and worldwide, which he loves doing! He has a very good heart and is always willing to help.

I am truly honoured to call him my friend! His schedule is getting busier by the day, doing radio interviews, playing gigs, doing the liners for me and getting ready for Christmas with his beautiful family. He is also an inspiration to me, his music really lifts the spirit! You’re awesome, Codie! Check out Codie’s Music Here

Randy is also an inspiration to me – we chat almost everyday when he’s on a break from working on the magazine. He works extremely hard and I take my hat off to you, Randy! I enjoy talking to Randy and hearing all the fantastic stories he has to tell. He has been through so much, and I have so much respect for him! He supports all the Indie Artists, and he promotes them in his Indie Artists Magazine, Indie Music Magazine and Webhost Magazine, at no charge at all, I know the artists he promotes appreciate it. He loves doing what he does, and I do too!

To Codie, Randy and all my friends – Thank you for being you! Wishing you ALL a very Merry Christmas!

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