Ashley Woodruff

Ashley Woodruff

Ashley Woodruff is a singer/songwriter of the pop and adult contemporary genres, born October 15, 1995, in Sudbury, Ontario.  She developed a passion for singing and writing songs from a very early age.

When she was 11, she began taking singing lessons. From there, she was able to develop her voice through classical training. She also gained an experience in performing through recitals, and school talent shows.

When Ashley was a teenager, she attended Sudbury Secondary School as a vocal music major. She also started competing in the Kiwanis Music Festival, and releasing song covers online.

All of the positive feedback was the fuel she needed to eventually write and release her own songs.



After high school, she began performing at many different venues and events.

Along with this, she was later discovered by producer Rob Murphy, and started writing and recording her self-titled debut album, which was released November 2017.

Melissa Wiseman from Canadian beats stated, “The album is worth giving a listen to.

Given that this was a debut album, I look forward to seeing what else Ashley Woodruff has planned for the future”.

The album has also been described as something that can be enjoyed from beginning to end, and a great piece of Sudbury history in the making.

Ashley has a lot planned for 2018, “2017 was big, but 2018 is going to be even bigger”





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