I’m back from being MIA – we’ve being doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff, which I’ll be talking about!

My good friend, Randy Lockhart has kindly built me a website, indieartistpromotions.uk, which is all about fantastic Indie Artists – take a read and learn all about how they all started out in their careers, it’s all extremely interesting!

A big shout out to Randy for doing this for me, I appreciate it so much. He is such a darling! How he puts up with me, I just don’t know LOL! Thank you for being so patient with me! He certainly has opened doors for me, and I just can’t thank him enough for this. You could say this is the turning point in my life, and I’m truly grateful to Randy for giving me this opportunity!

I was also nominated for Nashville awards, Round 1 is finished now, I’m in the Promoter and Publicist of the year categories, fingers crossed that I made it to Round 2.

Randy, I’ll be nominating you for next years’ awards, as I feel you deserve 10 of these awards, with all the hard work you do, and your promotion as well as support of all Indie Artists, your articles really make them do well in their careers and get them recognised more! If it wasn’t for you, some won’t even further their chances! You are really an inspiration to us all, and we love you for that! Thank you my friend.

It’s Easter weekend, I hope you are all having a relaxing time, and try not to eat too much chocolate!

Until next time, take care everyone!

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