Michelle Storm

Michelle Storm

With a spoon for a microphone, Michelle was only three. Singing Dolly Parton songs and nurturing her dreams of music.

Michelle wrote poems, short stories, and song pieces throughout her childhood and was encouraged by her teachers and family members to continue.

Michelle raised her three children taking on many foster children as well as taking care of her ill parents and battling her own illnesses all while putting herself through college.

Her dreams of music and penning her own songs would begin becoming reality in early 2017.

Michelle packed up and moved to Nashville and began seriously recording her songs and compiling what is soon to be Michelle’s first Album Release entitled, “Legacy Of Love”.


Michelle has overcome a lot of obstacles in her life powering through and beyond her own expectations.

The honesty in her home grown songs and delivery ring true in her traditional country approach. Real life experience turned into songs.

Michelle Storm’s debut album will release in April 2018, and will be available worldwide. Itunes, Amazon, Google play, etc,etc.

Touring will be announced at a later date.


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