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  • Randy Lockhart

    Randy Lockhart

    Owner - Chief Editor

    About The Author Randy Lockhart
    Web Host  Provider – Since 1992
    Randy Lockhart
    CEO, Marketing and Magazine Promotions
    Tsawwassen, B.C.

  • Sheri Lynn

    Sheri Lynn

    Co-Owner, Editor, Marketing & Research

    Sheri Lynn (Born Sept. 4 in San Andreas, CA) Country song lyric writer, resides in Valley Springs, CA. Her love for traditional country music and love for writing brought her to where she is today. (more…)

  • Antonio Garcia

    Antonio Garcia


    Musician/Songwriter/Producer/Session Musician and works for Musico Y Compositor (more…)

  • Ash Gilligan

    Ash Gilligan


    My name is Ash, having a pure passion for music, I promote Codie Prevost here in the UK, and run his UK fan club. (more…)