Lapwings Band

The band Lapwings from Berlin derives their name from the folkloric bird of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Different than the bird and its piercing trill, Lapwings forms a misty ambience with its unique organic sound, its light, smooth melodies, dynamic folk rhythms juxtaposed by melancholic lyrics. Its music is marked by elegance, repose and excitement bristling with warmth.

Our organic sound is hard to put in a box or specific music genre: it is a band made up of 5 nationalities, melting pot of influences, by turns wistful and then jauntily upbeat, all bedded in rich strings, with a pinch of various pop rock and singer-songwriter influences (Arcade Fire, The Lumineers, Coldplay’s early years, Neil Young, Passenger… and more).

Video directed by Axel Lerner (Vice Media) suits the song progressive mood perfectly, building up the orchestral tension until an ethereal and powerful dreamy ending. Click the image to the left to view Video


Lapwings’ unique organic sound is hard to put in a box or specific music genre, just like his frontman Jeal, Belgian scientist who cut his ties with the corporate world in Belgium to give flight to his musical ambitions in Berlin. Add to that the international dimension of the band (Natasha – Cello – USA; Klari – Drums – Germany; Marco – Bass – Italy) and you have a melting pot of influences, by turns wistful and then jauntily upbeat, all bedded in rich strings, with a pinch of various pop rock and singer songwriter influences (Arcade Fire, The Lumineers, Coldplay’s early years, Neil Young, Passenger…).

Lapwings’ first single “Love Blinkers” received enthusiastic feedback for their fresh and organic sound and was played by several German and Belgian radios (Classic 21, Radio Ostfriesland, Radio Q, Radio Rüsselsheim, Detektor FM, EchoFM, Radio Feierwerk).

2018 is going to be a busy year for Lapwings: the band is preparing their summer gigs, an Fall tour in Germany, Switzerland and Belgium and being currently in studio to record a new set of live songs and music videos. Side note: Jeal and Natasha have been very active to help the Berlin musician community and created Music Suit Up, currently the biggest Meetup group in Berlin for artists to connect and learn tips from music industry professionals.

“Masquerade” song:
Music by Lapwings, Lyrics by Paul Jennings, Produced by Enda Gallery, Recorded at Thommy Hein Studio by Thommy Hein and Paul Kuchenbuch. Mixed by Paul Kuchenbuch, Mastered by Thommy Hein.
Listen to Lapwings – Masquerade – Single


Kristin Rebecca

Kristin recently released a new album titled, “Tales Trials Truths” which has received national airplay and glowing reviews. In the past she has shared stages with bands such as Old Crow Medicine Show and Chelsey Green and the Green Project.

Over the years she has performed at many festivals and venues throughout the country. Her songs tell personal stories about her life, the lives of those around her and her observations about the world.

Performing over 200 shows per year throughout the country, Kristin Rebecca wins over audiences with her dynamic, multi-faceted approach to pop and Americana influenced contemporary folk music.

While bringing colorful musical narratives to life with her angelic, emotional, trained voice, the Maryland based singer-songwriter alternates between her two primary instruments, the acoustic guitar, and the folk harp.



She also brings a winking sense of humor to the mix, both in anecdotes introducing the songs and sometimes in her lyrics – as she does with “Wackos and Weirdos,” the witty, infectious opener to her latest album whose title captures her expansive creative mission to impart Tales, Trials, Truths.

​Despite the clever cynicism she conveys in “Wackos and Weirdos,” she traces her entire musical journey back to having a crush on a boy when she was 12.

“He was four or five years older than me and played in the youth band at my church,” she says. “I always noticed the guitar player standing next to him. By the time I was good enough on the guitar to join the band, he wasn’t in it anymore! On the upside, I did play on and off in worship bands at various churches from the time I was 12 until I was 22.”



A few years into her guitar lessons, Kristin – who was also involved in dance and theatre – hit a creative plateau and started experimenting with some of her parents’ instruments, including the dulcimer and Irish whistles. While visiting a relative in Minnesota when she was 15, she walked into Groth Music in Bloomington, one of the few music stores that sell authentic Celtic harps.

“Intrigued, I walked over, plucked one string and immediately said, ‘I want to play that!’” Kristin says. “I was fascinated by everything from the look to the sound that emerged when I touched it.

My parents always supported anything I wanted to try, from dance to karate and horseback riding. So, they were happy to buy me a harp – and found me an instructor in Bowie, MD who taught classical and Celtic and had played in bands in the Armed Forces. My parents were scientists but had a side Celtic band themselves, so we became an all-Celtic playing family.

“My teacher said I was very natural with the harp,” she adds, “and over the years, as I started incorporating its sound, I realized that it was as extraordinarily versatile as guitar and piano in the patterns and sounds you can play. It provided the perfect complement to my guitar as a means of providing rhythm lines and harmonized with my lyrics. I’m grateful that my parents encouraged me to major in voice in college so that I could develop my craft as an artist.”

Fringe, released the year she graduated with honors with a degree in Vocal Performance, offered an initial taste of what would evolve into her modern folk sound. After taking a trip to Ireland Kristin – inspired by Irish folklore – returned to the Celtic harp roots she first cultivated at 15 for Where Fairies Dwell, a mostly traditional project that included several original pieces and one – “The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry” – that the legendary folk singer (and one of Kristin’s primary influences) Joan Baez recorded decades earlier as “Silkie.” The fantasy-themed album Where Fairies Dwell was nominated for a 2015 WAMMIE (Washington Area Music Awards) for Best Traditional Folk Recording.

Over the years, Kristin has had the pleasure of working as a session musician with many artists, including albums, singles, and music for an independent movie. She is also a member of Painted Trilium, a Maryland-based three-piece traditional Celtic band that performs at many regional events & festivals. Once featured on CNN, the trio recorded with the metal band Sound of Thunder on their album Metal Renaissance. Painted Trillium released their self-titled debut album in 2017.

“I have found from playing thousands of shows around the country that people really enjoy contemporary folk music,” she says, “and it’s gratifying to know that the idea of the storytelling artist like my heroes Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and John Denver is still alive and well and appreciated.

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Whether it’s his soothing yet powerful voice or his heartfelt lyrics.. One thing that most would agree on is that Jerhiame is a star on the rise.

Singer-Songwriter “Jerhiame” was born on September 13, 1995, in Shreveport, Louisiana. Throughout his high school campaign, he started to find a joy and passion for writing and performing at local talent shows and venues.

During the year 2016, he released his debut single “Sad Song” which launched his career.



Jerhiame grew up in a musical inclined family.

His family, filled the household with sounds of big name and classic artist such as B.B. King, Michael Jackson, Prince, etc.

These music legends encouraged Jerhiame to chase his dream of becoming the young star he is today.

Jerhiame’s (once very small) platform now stretches to hundreds of thousands of “Sad Song” loving and “Elizabeth” screaming fans. -Various Sources



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Fallen Heirs 2018 Tour

Canada’s #1 Award Winning Hard Rock Band is the one to follow and get Tickets for this years 2018 Tour. They’re EP ‘Eyes Wide Open’ is amongst the best rock EP’s I have heard and the band’s high energy and amazing guitar playing makes you want to hear more..

They are a powerhouse lineup of rock musicians with a steady repertoire of hard rock songs and power ballads. In 2013, their full throttle single ‘Wake Up’ was released and later licensed for use in Don Cherry’s Rock ‘em Sock ‘em video. In 2016, their EP ‘Eyes Wide Open’ was released, and Fallen Heirs was nominated as ‘Hard Rock band of the year’ by the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

Fallen Heirs’s high energy live performance has made them THE go-to hard rock band called to open for top hard rock bands when they tour Canada. Buckcherry, LA Guns, Scott Weiland, Lita Ford, The Wild, Age Of Electric, One Bad Son, HoneyMoon Suite plus many more international and local artists have hired Fallen Heirs as the opening performance to warm up the stage and audience.

Did you know?
Fallen Heirs was the opening band for Scott Weiland in Toronto, two days before he passed away. Sadly, this makes Fallen Heirs the very last band to ever open for Scott Weiland live.




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Fallen Heirs Tour Dates
The MansionKingston, ON, Canada

Mavericks Ottawa, ON, Canada

Warehouse Concert Hall Saint Catherines, ON, Canada

Stix & Stones Billiards Trenton, ON, Canada

The Back Stage Windsor, ON, Canada

The Moustache Club Oshawa, ON, Canada

Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, ON, Canada

Red Dog Peterborough, ON, Canada

The Corktown Pub Hamilton, ON, Canada

Craig Ewan – Dead Defined

Craig Ewan from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. is a recording artist affiliated with Voodoo Records Canada.

A Self taught Vocalist/Songwriter/Composer and I want to introduce his debut solo project ‘Dead Defined’.

Having been part of the Toronto Alternative/Rock’n Roll music scene for over 15 years and in this time he has developed a solid following of fans, friends and fellow musicians.

Craig played countless live shows at some of Toronto’s finest live rock venues such as The Opera House, The Phoenix, The Horseshoe Tavern, Tattoo Rock Parlour and The Hard Rock Cafe to name a few.



He has spent an immense amount of time in various studios writing, co-writing and composing with fellow indie artists and a handful of signed artists in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

His home base for writing, recording and composing is Voodoo Records Canada in Scarborough, Ontario and INEO Studios in Uxbridge, Ontario.

‘Dead Defined’ is a debut solo project written and composed by himself (Craig Ewan) and Producer/Engineer – Mike Dmitrovic of Voodoo Records Canada.




His debut single for 2018 is titled ‘I Fear Nothing’

Dead Defined – I Fear Nothing
A solo project by Craig Ewan
‘Debut Single’ I Fear Nothing – Available now on all digital platforms
‘Music Video’ released April 6.2018
“I Fear Nothing’ is available on:
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Lyia Meta

Singer, songwriter and visual artist with a penchant for speaking through song and turn of phrase, where freedom is found through voice that’s “big, bold and beautiful”.

This Malaysian born spent her childhood in a small town in the state of Malacca where her music and art were the mainstay of her everyday life.

Her debut EP ‘This is Lyia’ which garnered 6 nominations from Voice Independent Music Awards (VIMA) in May of 2016 saw her win the award for BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT.

The debut offering which is described as “raw”, “organic” and “bold” is a reflection of her roots in rock, blues and pop.

She was nominated top 5 for Anugerah Industri Awards (A.I.M) for Best New Artist in 2016


Won Gold (Award of Excellence) for Best Rock Ballad from Global Music Awards, California in 2017 and has had her music played on independent music stations from United Kingdom (Radio Wigwam), Canada (The Rocker Chick Show -Progcore radio), California (Woman of Substance Radio) and a few selected stations in Europe.

In August of 2017, Lyia Meta won the award for Best Female Artist from Radio Wigwam (UK).

A visual artist, she spent her early childhood admiring her father’s paint brush fly across huge expanses of canvas. Each stroke left her in awe and wonder at the magic he wove. As a singer and songwriter with a penchant for speaking through song and turn of phrase, her freedom is found through voice that’s “big, bold and beautiful”.



Born in Malacca, West Malaysia to a Malaccan Portuguese father and a Sinhalese-Chinese mother, she doodled, sketched and painted from as far back as she could remember. After school she pursued distance studies in Interior Design, got married, had a kid and fell in love with the stage. Making music her life, she sang in various parts of the peninsula but always kept her art close to her heart. Fast forward and she is still singing but her art has become more and more a channel for which she can express herself.

She paints what she feels, how she sees life and when she needs to. Her relationship with her art is as fiery as the artist herself.

She loves every moment spent in front of the canvas and the peace it brings when it nears completion.


“I am a self confessed romantic. I paint on influences and emotions that hold sway over me. It is a journey within a journey that opens strange doors. Often the path leads me to places I would have never dreamt of seeing or discovering.” says Lyia

“Lyia is a true Artist in every sense of the word. She not only has a beautiful voice which resonates through her music, but she is also a very passionate Artist that paints on Canvas, and other forms work media. I am excited to feature this amazing lady in the magazine because she brings it all to the table and I know she is very proud to have won awards for her music and will definitely get my vote next time she is nominated” ~Randy Lockhart – Editor In Chief



The Cliff Wheeler Band

The Cliff Wheeler Band is a four-piece alt-country/southern rock band based out of Lemon Springs, NC USA.

Cumulus Media’s 2017 “Nash Next” North Carolina winner – Music Mafia Radio’s Artist Of the Year First Runner Up – Six #1’s on multiple indie charts worldwide. A new CWB album “To the Bone” is scheduled for release in May of 2018.

At the encouragement of his son and now CWB bassist Garret Wheeler, Cliff wrote a batch of songs in 2016 and brought a group of musician friends together to record a solo album. Along with Cliff, the lineup included seasoned regional performing musicians Gary Orlando on guitar, Kevin Griffin on drums, Robert Watson on slide and acoustic guitars, and Cliff’s teenage son Garret on bass guitar. After four rehearsals the band went into the studio and recorded “Wheeler” in seven days. “Wheeler” was released on April 1, 2017 and soon thereafter began garnering attention from internet based indie radio stations and music blogs around the world along with a few over the air stations.

In July 2017 Cliff was notified that his song “Judgement Day” had been selected by WWQQ FM 101.3 out of Wilmington, NC as a finalist for Cumulus Media’s “Nash Next 2017” competition for the state of North Carolina. The next step in the “Nash Next” experience was a live performance at the finals in Carolina Beach, NC. Cliff was reluctant to continue, but after much encouragement from family and friends decided to carry on. Bringing together the lineup that recorded his song “Judgement Day” which includes Cliff, Gary, Kevin and Garret, they won the competition in their very first live performance as a group. Following this success, they decided to stay together as the Cliff Wheeler Band or as they call it, The CWB. They continue to have radio and live performance success including multiple songs charting in the US and abroad with six indie chart #1’s. They have spent the past nine months on Music Mafia Radio’s Top 30, never leaving the top five. The CWB performs primarily in NC but is expanding into the southeastern US and other areas including a recent show in Nashville, TN. The CWB is currently working on their sophomore album “To the Bone” which is scheduled for release on May the 16, 2018.

Band Members
Cliff Wheeler – Vocals

This son of North Carolina has been a journeyman player for nearly four decades and has played venues from coliseums to theaters to clubs to backyards across the state and the southeast, and it’s all been good! Cliff began his musical journey playing bass with the hard rock band Knight Heir in the early eighties. A converted guitarist he quickly learned to love the lights of the stage. Always the songwriter, Cliff wrote all of the lyrics and helped with the arrangements for this band’s original songs. After a few years, Knight Heir had run its course.

Meanwhile, Cliff had met a guitarist new to the North Carolina music scene, Gary Orlando. The two joined forces to form MZ Dangerous and several bands thereafter including Synergy and again, Cliff wrote the lyrics and the two together wrote the arrangements. The bands including this combo thrived and found themselves opening for national acts passing through the region and garnering interest from record labels. In the early nineties Cliff and Gary began to go their separate ways musically and Cliff returned to his roots doing one-man acoustic shows with Gary joining him occasionally. The two reunited in the late nineties for a short run with Cliff’s newest musical venture “Twister”, an alt-country band. Although the band met with modest success at the club level and released an EP, it didn’t last and was likely ahead of its time.

Following the end of Twister and being a new husband and father, Cliff took a hiatus from performing and writing. Meeting Robert Watson several years later changed that. Cliff and Robert began performing as Watson-Wheeler doing acoustic shows which they still do today and also with a full band as The FOG Blues Band, a blues rock band covering Texas, Delta and Chicago Blues. Cliff’s time with the FOG reignited the fire to write that had been smoldering for nearly a decade. In the summer of 2016 Cliff went into seclusion on Oak Island, North Carolina for ten days and the songs on Wheeler are the result.

Gary Orlando – Electric Guitar

Gary started his professional musician career on the New Jersey club circuit with the bands Ruffian and The Priscilla Harriet Band before moving to North Carolina in 1985. Soon after his arrival in North Carolina Gary and Cliff hooked up to lead several bands such as MZ Dangerous and Synergy that had regional success. Later, Gary joined Cliff in his first foray into alt country or as they called it “acid-country” with the band Twister which released an EP in the early 90s. Their musical collaboration now spans four decades.

Kevin Griffin – Drums

Kevin is a native North Carolinian and played his first professional gig with the stage orchestra for the play “The Music Man” at the age of fourteen. He has dedicated his life to music. His career includes stints with NBT, Calibur, the Lee County Community Orchestra and the prog rock band Method To Madness which released two albums that were met with critical acclaim. Kevin is also an endorsing artist for Soultone Cymbals. Kevin and Cliff came together when the FOG Blues Band was looking for a replacement drummer. There was an instant bond and the two have been rocking together since.

Garret Wheeler – Bass

Garret was born to play. As Cliff’s son, some of Garret’s first memories are listening to Twister rehearse in the family’s garage. After experimenting with drums, guitar and keyboards, Garret found his true calling, bass. After learning the basics with a little input from his dad, he soon began wowing Cliff’s contemporaries at jams in the barn. His ability to improvise with much more seasoned musicians forecast the future. After a couple of public shows with Cliff to gain stage experience, he spread his wings and formed the award winning power trio Bad Sign. Garret is currently a full time student when not performing with the CWB.

Doctor Paul

Doctor Paul, as he’s known to his fans, is a troubadour in every sense of the word. After appearing on NBC’s The Voice in Season 9, the Doctor has been traveling on his “I Ain”t Done Yet” tour, bringing his music to as many new fans and friends as possible.

From the Gulf coast of Florida, to Music City and all points in between, fans of his acoustic solo performances have fallen in love with his utterly original interpretations of the work of songwriters great and small.

In his deft hands familiar songs are rendered fresh, as though being heard for the first time, and lesser-known songs are thoroughly owned and yet oddly familiar.

The Doctor has collaborated with some of the great names in the business, and has recorded with some of Nashville’s top session players, but it is in his live shows that you’ll experience him as nature intended: Unadorned, accompanied by only his acoustic guitar, his unique, powerful voice carried by a flurry of finger-picked notes that pass like mile markers on a very heady trip.

So here is an invitation to join him as he takes you somewhere new yet familiar, and anyone who has experienced one of his intimate performances knows one thing for certain: You will both treasure the company.

Doctor Paul’s latest release, “The Old Home Place”, and others, are available at his web store at

The Doctor grew up in New Jersey. An avid electronics experimenter, Doctor Paul’s first introduction to musical performance was building a custom amplifier for a friend who owned an electric guitar. Acquiring his first guitar in his early teens, Doctor Paul performed for friends at parties and barbecues.

Early musical influences included country & western, doo wop, R&B, soul, jazz, folk, and of course rock & roll. After a tour in the United States Army, Doctor Paul returned to New Jersey in 1971 and joined a group of friends in his first band as the lead singer and bass player.

Musical performance became more than a hobby, leading to a career in music playing acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, and electric bass in both solo and group settings.

Touring the United States throughout most of the 70’s and early 80’s, Doctor Paul met his wife, Dawn, in Tampa, Florida.

A musical hiatus followed for the next 25 years while they raised a family of five daughters.

Moving to the mountains of North Carolina in 2005 allowed Doctor Paul to reconnect with his musical past.




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Mark Stone & the Dirty Country Band

Hailing from Minnesota, Mark Stone & the Dirty Country Band originated in 2012 as a solo project by Mr. Stone himself.

Since then, it has evolved into a full unit, comprised of Mark Stone (Guitar/Vocals), Todd Jameson (Bass), and Johnny Strutt (Drums).

Mark Stone on the first 2 EPs wrote and played primarily all the instruments himself (with some help from some other fellow musicians), which received some critical acclaim.


The song “Drink the Pain Away” was nominated for “Best Country Song” by I Love Music Awards.

The success of the song took the band down to Austin, TX to record the album, “The Sequel” at Music Lane Studios.

The band has been gigging regularly, putting out new music, and has performed at many notable venues and events across the country, such as SXSW (twice), The Red Fly (before their doors closed), Moondance Jamming Country Fest, amongst many others.

The band was also chosen as 1 out of 8 bands (from over 1,000 entries) for the Hard Rock Rising Midwest Regional Battle of the Bands.

With the band fully lined up and ready to take the country by storm, Mark Stone and the Dirty Country Band are currently continuing their winning streak and have no intentions of slowing down anytime soon, or at all!

The band released there newest EP “Trifecta” on April 1st, 2017.

They are currently working on a new release “For Stories” to be released Spring of 2018.