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Aerugo Productions

For over 18 years now, the objective here at Aerugo Productions is to provide quality song demos at very affordable prices. There’s no need to spend $500.00 – $800.00 to demo 1 song when you can have 2 or 4 songs with comparable quality recorded for the same amount of money.

Getting a professionally cut demo is this easy: send a lyric sheet, a cassette/CD/mp3 of a rough version (i.e. guitar/vocal) of your song, and check or M/O made out to Aerugo Productions PO Box 22242, Nashville, TN 37202. You only need to pay for half of your demo upfront, the balance will be owed after the song is complete and delivered and you like it. We don’t send “snippits” or lower quality recordings of your song and “hold the final version for ransom,” we will send you the final mastered recording. The honor system applies!!

In 4 – 5 weeks you’ll have your song fully produced on a CD! If you do not have a rough demo or do not play an instrument, many of our clients simply sing into a cassette player or just send a lyric sheet with written examples of how they want their song to sound (i.e. tempo, feel, and comparisons to existing songs). All songs are digitally archived for future copies. Mp3s are available too at no extra charge.

If you write poetry/lyrics but do not write music, we will put original music to your words for the same prices!! Just send your poem/lyric sheet (and any notes you might have for how you want your song to sound) and we’ll take care of the rest!

All songs are digitally archived for future copies at no extra charge. Also at no extra cost we will provide you with a track containing only the music in case you want to record your vocal over it, use it for performances, or if you want to make any vocal changes later.

There are also no contracts to sign or any back end percentage deals –you retain 100 % of all copyrights and publishing to your song.

An audio mixing desk from a recording studio with sliders, buttons, knobs and displays, monitors and speakers
We have several professional Nashville vocalists and musicians available ready to make your song sound like a hit (our former female demo vocalist, Gretchen Wilson, however, is a little busy these days!!)

So what are you waiting for? Get that song professionally cut! You never know if you have a future chart topper on your hands. Please visit our website at www.aerugoproductions.com https://twitter.com/AerugoPro



Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, recording artist and multi-instrumentalist PETER GRAIGS is a force to be reckoned with while on the fretboard of any guitar in his hands. Growing up in Canada and now re-located to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, Peter Graigs grew up listening to the music that drove the ‘80’s: Rock, Progressive Rock, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

His musical heroes include iconic guitarists Randy Rhoads, Eric Clapton, Al Di Meola and legendary drummer Tommy Aldridge. Like many other rockers, he also listens to the occasional Classical piece for inspiration.

Peter Graigs has had years of live concert performance experience and recording sessions with such bands as Wired, Sillian, Trax, G13 Band and Scars of Grace. He immersed himself in music early on and expertly mastered playing guitar, bass and drums. Unfortunately his career in music had to take a back seat, as he was sidelined for a decade following a traumatic parachute accident.

Throughout his career, Peter Graigs has performed on television programs as well as live concerts throughout North America at prestigious venues such as Spectrum de Montreal (audience 2,500), Cote de Neige (audience 10,000) and Auditorium de Verdun (audience 15,000).

His new album “The Beginning of the End” is his latest creation and one which is not to be missed.





Neil and Adam Music

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, USA, Neil and Adam are Neil McCloskey and Adam Hilligardt. The duo have an interesting background in music, with Neil’s cousin/godfather, Tony Saputo, being the drummer for country music superstar, Reba McEntire’s road band, who was sadly one of the seven band members killed in a plane crash in 1991, and Adam’s father, Fred Hilligardt, was a songwriter for Motown in the late 1970’s.

Neil and Adam have been writing music together since their days in high school. To date, they have won four best song awards in Pop, Rock, Folk and Americana genres via the Akademia Music Awards. They have releases with AMAdea Music, LMC Records and Bongo Boy Records.

Their debut single, ‘Everything Is Alright’ was aired on national television in the UK last August (ITV’s ‘This Morning’ fashion segment) and it has been charting on the Euro Indie Music Chart since last December. “We love reaching people through our music, and understand the importance of music in people’s lives.

We are driven to reach and touch as many ears and hearts as possible. We have always loved playing live music over the years, but our true calling seemed to always be songwriting. We played clubs and venues all over the place, but nothing ever compared to the gratification we felt when finishing a real honest song that people could identify with.”

Appearance on KMOV’s morning show ‘Great Day St. Louis’ performing ‘Everything is Alright’

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