Michelle Storm

With a spoon for a microphone, Michelle was only three. Singing Dolly Parton songs and nurturing her dreams of music.

Michelle wrote poems, short stories, and song pieces throughout her childhood and was encouraged by her teachers and family members to continue.

Michelle raised her three children taking on many foster children as well as taking care of her ill parents and battling her own illnesses all while putting herself through college.

Her dreams of music and penning her own songs would begin becoming reality in early 2017.

Michelle packed up and moved to Nashville and began seriously recording her songs and compiling what is soon to be Michelle’s first Album Release entitled, “Legacy Of Love”.


Michelle has overcome a lot of obstacles in her life powering through and beyond her own expectations.

The honesty in her home grown songs and delivery ring true in her traditional country approach. Real life experience turned into songs.

Michelle Storm’s debut album will release in April 2018, and will be available worldwide. Itunes, Amazon, Google play, etc,etc.

Touring will be announced at a later date.


No matter which platform you use, I’m pretty certain you can stay connected.







Emily Clair

24 year old Canadian country/blues musician, singer and songwriter from Ajax, Ontario. My passion for music began at a young age, my parents often caught me singing myself to sleep as a child. I spent many years in piano and singing lessons learning and expressing my passion for music.

Growing up with a musical family I was exposed to many different genres of music and soon I developed a love for country music! Upon entering high school I soon realized that if I wanted to pursue country music, I should take up acoustic guitar lessons. Playing the acoustic guitar allowed me to really grow as an artist, I began to write original music and the words started to pour out onto the page.

I have always been a solo artist, and I dreamed of eventually forming a country band of my own. Over the last four years, being done college and having a job that allows me to spend most of my time on my music, I now have a band of my own. Recently, I have recorded two original songs and I have released a music video to one of the originals of mine, “Running on Empty.” I hope that this song will help me on my journey to grow as an artist and share my love for country music!



Kristin Rebecca

Kristin recently released a new album titled, “Tales Trials Truths” which has received national airplay and glowing reviews. In the past she has shared stages with bands such as Old Crow Medicine Show and Chelsey Green and the Green Project.

Over the years she has performed at many festivals and venues throughout the country. Her songs tell personal stories about her life, the lives of those around her and her observations about the world.

Performing over 200 shows per year throughout the country, Kristin Rebecca wins over audiences with her dynamic, multi-faceted approach to pop and Americana influenced contemporary folk music.

While bringing colorful musical narratives to life with her angelic, emotional, trained voice, the Maryland based singer-songwriter alternates between her two primary instruments, the acoustic guitar, and the folk harp.



She also brings a winking sense of humor to the mix, both in anecdotes introducing the songs and sometimes in her lyrics – as she does with “Wackos and Weirdos,” the witty, infectious opener to her latest album whose title captures her expansive creative mission to impart Tales, Trials, Truths.

​Despite the clever cynicism she conveys in “Wackos and Weirdos,” she traces her entire musical journey back to having a crush on a boy when she was 12.

“He was four or five years older than me and played in the youth band at my church,” she says. “I always noticed the guitar player standing next to him. By the time I was good enough on the guitar to join the band, he wasn’t in it anymore! On the upside, I did play on and off in worship bands at various churches from the time I was 12 until I was 22.”



A few years into her guitar lessons, Kristin – who was also involved in dance and theatre – hit a creative plateau and started experimenting with some of her parents’ instruments, including the dulcimer and Irish whistles. While visiting a relative in Minnesota when she was 15, she walked into Groth Music in Bloomington, one of the few music stores that sell authentic Celtic harps.

“Intrigued, I walked over, plucked one string and immediately said, ‘I want to play that!’” Kristin says. “I was fascinated by everything from the look to the sound that emerged when I touched it.

My parents always supported anything I wanted to try, from dance to karate and horseback riding. So, they were happy to buy me a harp – and found me an instructor in Bowie, MD who taught classical and Celtic and had played in bands in the Armed Forces. My parents were scientists but had a side Celtic band themselves, so we became an all-Celtic playing family.

“My teacher said I was very natural with the harp,” she adds, “and over the years, as I started incorporating its sound, I realized that it was as extraordinarily versatile as guitar and piano in the patterns and sounds you can play. It provided the perfect complement to my guitar as a means of providing rhythm lines and harmonized with my lyrics. I’m grateful that my parents encouraged me to major in voice in college so that I could develop my craft as an artist.”

Fringe, released the year she graduated with honors with a degree in Vocal Performance, offered an initial taste of what would evolve into her modern folk sound. After taking a trip to Ireland Kristin – inspired by Irish folklore – returned to the Celtic harp roots she first cultivated at 15 for Where Fairies Dwell, a mostly traditional project that included several original pieces and one – “The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry” – that the legendary folk singer (and one of Kristin’s primary influences) Joan Baez recorded decades earlier as “Silkie.” The fantasy-themed album Where Fairies Dwell was nominated for a 2015 WAMMIE (Washington Area Music Awards) for Best Traditional Folk Recording.

Over the years, Kristin has had the pleasure of working as a session musician with many artists, including albums, singles, and music for an independent movie. She is also a member of Painted Trilium, a Maryland-based three-piece traditional Celtic band that performs at many regional events & festivals. Once featured on CNN, the trio recorded with the metal band Sound of Thunder on their album Metal Renaissance. Painted Trillium released their self-titled debut album in 2017.

“I have found from playing thousands of shows around the country that people really enjoy contemporary folk music,” she says, “and it’s gratifying to know that the idea of the storytelling artist like my heroes Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and John Denver is still alive and well and appreciated.

Official Website

Annemarie Picerno

Annemarie Picerno has released 4 singles from SONGS FROM NASHVILLE, all written and composed by her experiences in Music City. The tracks are notably unique, and incorporate grassroots Americana, country, folk, and Annemarie’s unique deep bluesy vocal stylings. Each note carefully crafted with Nashville producer Bob McGilpin, her voice intertwines with the sounds of steel guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin, and emotionally charged lyrics.
After the successful first cut “RAIN” in 2017, a country blues mix with soaring acoustic imagery still playing across the globe, Annemarie released “I DON’T KNOW WHAT LOVE IS” crying with the dark angst of love, mixing lyrical moods of Tammy Wynette, K.d. Lang, and Roy Orbison in her distinctive romantic performance. Both songs hit indie radio Top 40 charts in 2017 along with garnering Josie Music Awards Nominations in Modern & Traditional Country and Female Mixed Genre Artist. She then undertook a large group project inviting other indie artist to join her on another indie chart success “BONFIRE” This inspiring composition features indie artists: Annemarie Picerno, Lisa Coppola, Jimmy Parker, Donna Jo, Benny Pitsinger, and Steve Owen. Producer: Bob McGilpin/ Co-writer Gene Dipierro. An Americana group number with a global message to bring people together, the song describes passions in life and music, and the burning desire to build a community in love and traditions through people coming together in unity. Throughout history, nations have blazed bonfires through wars, festivals, celebrations, and the letting go of past regrets, to build new hope for a bright future. The soaring melody intertwines harmonies by award winning independent artists championing music and peace to heal the world. The song is also signed with Bongo Boy Records and being distributed across Asia and Europe.
Her most recent release in February 2018, “CLOSER” the 4th track, incorporates elements of various acoustic American roots music styles, including country, roots-rock, folk, pop and bluegrass resulting in a distinctive roots-oriented sound. Already this song within the first month of release is playing not only on country radio and pop radio stations, and placing on top 40 indie artist charts.
Annemarie is happy with the success of switching genres, and radio and fans are embracing her music and variety of talents as an entertainer. Her “Bad Girl” EP was an explosion of sounds and emotions, taking her powerful belt voice to soulful places with vibrations and feelings hidden in metaphors around driving danceable beats. The album is still in regular radio airplay
nationally along with the title track “Bad Girl” additionally released on Bongo Boy Records Compilation Volume XIV and Bongo Boy iSpin Radio.
She is excited to continue her studio work in the Nashville studio, and anticipates the full album “Songs From Nashville” to be completed by late 2018 along with launching an original theater production of her works.

For more music and news on Annemarie Picerno visit the links below.
Annemarie is a registered songwriter with BMI.

www.annemariepicerno.com OFFICIAL WEBSITE
www.reverbnation.com/amplifiedsound ORIGINAL MUSIC SITE
www.youtube.com/amplifiedsound VIDEOS
www.facebook.com/annemariepicerno PERSONAL FACEBOOK
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Annemarie-Picerno-Amplifiedsound/304353082301?fref=ts BAND PAGE FACEBOOK
www.twitter.com/amplifiedsound TWITTER
www.instagram.com/annemariepicerno/ INSTAGRAM
www.linkedin.com/in/annemariepicerno/ LINKEDIN
www.pinterest.com/annemariepicern/ PINTEREST

Lyia Meta

Singer, songwriter and visual artist with a penchant for speaking through song and turn of phrase, where freedom is found through voice that’s “big, bold and beautiful”.

This Malaysian born spent her childhood in a small town in the state of Malacca where her music and art were the mainstay of her everyday life.

Her debut EP ‘This is Lyia’ which garnered 6 nominations from Voice Independent Music Awards (VIMA) in May of 2016 saw her win the award for BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT.

The debut offering which is described as “raw”, “organic” and “bold” is a reflection of her roots in rock, blues and pop.

She was nominated top 5 for Anugerah Industri Awards (A.I.M) for Best New Artist in 2016


Won Gold (Award of Excellence) for Best Rock Ballad from Global Music Awards, California in 2017 and has had her music played on independent music stations from United Kingdom (Radio Wigwam), Canada (The Rocker Chick Show -Progcore radio), California (Woman of Substance Radio) and a few selected stations in Europe.

In August of 2017, Lyia Meta won the award for Best Female Artist from Radio Wigwam (UK).

A visual artist, she spent her early childhood admiring her father’s paint brush fly across huge expanses of canvas. Each stroke left her in awe and wonder at the magic he wove. As a singer and songwriter with a penchant for speaking through song and turn of phrase, her freedom is found through voice that’s “big, bold and beautiful”.



Born in Malacca, West Malaysia to a Malaccan Portuguese father and a Sinhalese-Chinese mother, she doodled, sketched and painted from as far back as she could remember. After school she pursued distance studies in Interior Design, got married, had a kid and fell in love with the stage. Making music her life, she sang in various parts of the peninsula but always kept her art close to her heart. Fast forward and she is still singing but her art has become more and more a channel for which she can express herself.

She paints what she feels, how she sees life and when she needs to. Her relationship with her art is as fiery as the artist herself.

She loves every moment spent in front of the canvas and the peace it brings when it nears completion.


“I am a self confessed romantic. I paint on influences and emotions that hold sway over me. It is a journey within a journey that opens strange doors. Often the path leads me to places I would have never dreamt of seeing or discovering.” says Lyia

“Lyia is a true Artist in every sense of the word. She not only has a beautiful voice which resonates through her music, but she is also a very passionate Artist that paints on Canvas, and other forms work media. I am excited to feature this amazing lady in the magazine because she brings it all to the table and I know she is very proud to have won awards for her music and will definitely get my vote next time she is nominated” ~Randy Lockhart – Editor In Chief



Lady Kash

Born as Kalaivani Nagaraj, it is fitting that Lady Kash has kept her love for “Kalai” (Tamil for Arts) etched in her heartstrings when it comes to pursuing her dreams. She is from Singapore; a global sovereign city-state that is a melting pot of cultures.

Being an Aries, she is born to lead and strives to participate passionately in all that she does, whether it is songwriting, travel, fitness, reading books on quantum physics, collaborating with fellow creators or making a difference in society through various initiatives.

An example of such is Project One, a non-profit organisation created in 2011 that aims to transform our society into a more environmentally sustainable, eco-conscious and fulfilling one through uplifting and empowering projects, such as the release of the charity single “One”, which involved the collaboration of the global associations 4 Years. Go. and Pachamama Alliance.

In 2012, Project One was bestowed the Awakening Award at the Voice International Music Awards (VIMA) to honor the hard work expressed by the initiative.


Armed with a stylish and sleek demeanor, Lady Kash is undoubtedly a youth icon when it comes to trendsetting by simply being herself and creating waves in the industry.

Despite having no musical background, she did not turn away from seeking her true callings.

She wrote and practiced poetry at the tender age of 9, produced rap demos at 14 and went on to set the globe ablaze by collaborating with Oscar and Grammy-Winning composer A. R. Rahman for her debut in the industry at 19.

Whether it is recording in the studio or rocking it on stage at events such as A. R. Rahman’s Infinite Love and Nenje Ezhu series of concerts, Yuvan Shankar Raja’s KLIMF and Anirudh Live shows,

Lady Kash is an insuppressible feminine force. Her commitment towards putting her 100% into every project is one of the reasons why she never fails to stand out in style.

With interests embedded in not only arts but also mysticism, spirituality, sports, activism and entrepreneurship, she inspires both the young and old alike with her global approach while continuing to remain firmly grounded.

To this determined dreamer and achiever, boundaries mean nothing but the next challenge.

“I’m kinda like a nomadic paradox that loves and chooses to believe in the world while dwelling on just about anything of interest without conforming. Viewing my mistakes as lessons, I continue to grow and have learned to go with my vibes entirely. It is important to let go of the things that we cannot change and rather focus on doing the best
that we possibly can, in this present moment, while also keeping our priorities in mind.”



Believing firmly that with constant effort and unshakable affirmation, the Universe will transform her dreams into reality,

Lady Kash aspires to extend AKASHIK into the ground-breaking empire that she envisions it to become. Join her in her endeavors and stay connected to be the first to learn of new happenings and much more.

“This is just the beginning. The adventure continues.”

» https://www.ladykashonline.com
» https://www.facebook.com/ladykashonline
» https://www.instagram.com/ladykashonline
» https://www.twitter.com/ladykashonline
» https://www.soundcloud.com/ladykashonline

Ashley Woodruff

Ashley Woodruff is a singer/songwriter of the pop and adult contemporary genres, born October 15, 1995, in Sudbury, Ontario.  She developed a passion for singing and writing songs from a very early age.

When she was 11, she began taking singing lessons. From there, she was able to develop her voice through classical training. She also gained an experience in performing through recitals, and school talent shows.

When Ashley was a teenager, she attended Sudbury Secondary School as a vocal music major. She also started competing in the Kiwanis Music Festival, and releasing song covers online.

All of the positive feedback was the fuel she needed to eventually write and release her own songs.



After high school, she began performing at many different venues and events.

Along with this, she was later discovered by producer Rob Murphy, and started writing and recording her self-titled debut album, which was released November 2017.

Melissa Wiseman from Canadian beats stated, “The album is worth giving a listen to.

Given that this was a debut album, I look forward to seeing what else Ashley Woodruff has planned for the future”.

The album has also been described as something that can be enjoyed from beginning to end, and a great piece of Sudbury history in the making.

Ashley has a lot planned for 2018, “2017 was big, but 2018 is going to be even bigger”





Link to album: https://fanlink.to/AshleyWoodruffAlbum

Other Links:
Website: https://ashleywoodruff.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/AshleyWoodruffMusic

Ashlynne Vince

Ashlynne Vince – CCMA Recording Artist/ New Single now at Radio & on Itunes ‘Take Cover’.

This past September, Ashlynne made the permanent move to Nashville, TN. where she now works as one of Tootsies daily singers performing regularly downtown on Lower Broadway

Ashlynne Vince is a Canadian singer/songwriter who has had the privilege to work with many well-known artists on both sides of the border.

She has released 3 singles to Canadian Country radio and her 3rd single, Take Cover,is currently being played on radio stations all across Canada, coast to coast.



Ashlynne Vince is excited to call Nashville, TN home! After many months of careful planning, Ashlynne has made the move to Nashville where she continues to song-write and collaborate with some of Country Music’s finest.

Her 4th single “Love You Anyway “is being released to Canadian Country Radio on January 15th, 2018

Joel Naphin Photography
Singer at Tootsies/Rippys/Honky Tonk Central
Nashville Recording Artist
Canadian Country Music



Single – ‘Take Cover’
Single – “Stupid Love”
Single – “No Boys Allowed”
“Big City Cowgirl”

Photo by Kevin Kane

Sondra Toscano is a New York songwriter, vocalist, and entertainer who records under the name “Big City Cowgirl.” Her unique, raspy voice adds flavor to her brand of Country Music which has its roots in all types of music. Toscano’s love of music dates back as far as she can remember.

She has been songwriting since she was a pre-teen. Her parents’ musical tastes were comprehensive and she was exposed to all genres, but her mother’s penchant for country music was quickly passed along to her. Toscano notes that country music tells a story in a way like no other so she naturally gravitated to it. In fact, her country music ode, “Country Music In My Heart,” tells the story of how she fell in love with country music.

To what she listened and what she wrote, however, were largely different for quite some time. Toscano joined bands playing all styles of music and wrote the gamut. She even created an East Coast/West Coast female dance music duo! But country music found its way back to the surface after she took some time to focus on starting a family and establishing a career in law.

Photo by Kevin Kane

When she realized that she didn’t have to trade a personal life for a career in music, she started songwriting again. What she wrote has become her signature. She acknowledges that she doesn’t follow the mainstream – she writes from her heart and soul – whatever comes naturally – and hopes that it makes her mark . Her aim is straightforward – to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives through song. To that end, she says that her greatest desire is for her songs to become a part of the soundtrack of people’s lives. Toscano has already released an EP entitled “City Zipcode, Country Heart,” and several singles.

Her EP is a collection of some of her tunes, loosely based upon the life experiences of her family, friends, and acquaintances. “Rode Off Into The Sunset (That Night),” is an Americana inspired love story set in the Wild West, “Game of Love,” is a ballad which ponders the mercurial dance we all do towards finding our forever love, and “Love on the Open Road” is a feel-good, road trip song.

Toscano continues to make music despite her very busy schedule of working as a public service lawyer and taking care of her husband, toddler, and three adorable dogs. Her newest music will be released at the end of this year. “That Sure Looked Like Leavin’ To Me” is about reflecting on what went wrong in a relationship and remaining strong after a breakup and “We Got All Kinds of Crazy Here” is a sing-along bar song.

Photo by Mike Epstein

Sondra has the full encouragement of her family, especially her little girl, who likes to help her write songs. Her music can be downloaded and/or streamed through Amazon, iTunes, and just about any other social media music platforms.
Fun Facts
Sondra is a strong supporter of animal rights. She does not eat meat or dairy and creates yummy dishes of her own for her family as they travel towards veganism.

Sondra has held all sorts of jobs which included working at a catering hall, as a camp counselor, as a secretary, as the administrator of a religious organization, at a pharmacy, as a promoter in clubs, as a manager for a band, as a prosecutor, and as a civil rights attorney.

Sondra has been the frontwoman for several local bands – she has sung heavy metal, rock music, dance music, pop music, and country.

Sondra has worked with European Producer “Big Don” Taylor and even moved to Greece for six months to record there.

Sondra has three dogs – all named after food (Peanut, Cocoa & Oreo) – and she would continually add to her fur baby menagerie if her husband hadn’t put a limit on the amount of animals in their home.

She likes to listen to all types of music including Rock, Reggae, Salsa, Merengue, Disco, R&B, Adult Contemporary, Americana, County and House Music.

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Ash G – Codie Prevost Fan Club UK

Her name is Ash, (female) and she manages the UK Fan Club for Codie Prevost.

“How the Fan Club started, I received a message from Codie, asking if I would like to listen to a song of his, which I did. I loved it! To cut a long story short, Codie then asked me if I would consider starting up a UK fan club, which I gladly accepted!” says Ash

“I really enjoy running Codie’s UK fan club, he is an awesome guy, always willing to help when he can. His music is out of this world, and his new album ‘Radio’ is due for release soon.” says Ash